About the Author

Explaining who you are is an interesting exercise as it is a reflection of how we see and understand ourselves as much as the priority of the values that we hold dear to us. These values are the product of how we have been brought up, where we were brought up in this world, who influenced us and how we interpreted all this to make a productive peson with meaning in their life.

So, to introduce myself, you can immediately see that I am a bit of a deep thinker. The world to me is fascinating and how people interpret and react to the world is even more intriguing. My passion is to release the genius in others. How that is done depends on the person and the situation. A huge amount of my life has been dedicated to children nd youth, and those who work with them. I believe that everyone has a brilliance, or genius or some kind in them. There are many people in this world who are able to help others release the genius within themselves and those people should be found and supported. It is by working with others that this world will progress forward and change for the good. It is also essential that we help those who are high performing as the world standards are raised from above. You must pull from above, just as much as you must help solve the problems of those having difficulties.

I am a mother to two wonderful young adults, Nathan and Kirsti, and have been married for over 25 years. Right now I am the CEO and co-founder of Spirit of Math Schools: a system of after-school schools for high performing and gifted students in mathematics. It is a very different concept to other after school programs as students learn with their class, they have a set curriculum and must keep up with the curriculum. We believe that four strands must have to happen for good quality math education. The first is drills, the second core curriculum, the third problem solving and the fourth cooperative group work. Another differentiating factor is that the students have to have a B+ or higher overall average to be accepted into the program, and must agree to doing their homework. Putting students on probation and asking students to repeat a year does happen. Even though we are a for profit program we don’t take just anyone.

Why for profit you ask? I believe that to properly hold people accountable, they have to do a good job, and get results. If you don’t get results then you don’t make money. I also believe that there should be more for profit education models out there – but that’s for a blog!

My hobbies include dance (I used to be a serious ballet dancer among other dancing), gardening, cooking healthy foods for my family, walking our dog and playing with our cats.